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Friday, October 29, 2010

Top of the Wooden Toy hit list for 2010 is...

Whether you like it or not, the festive season is now fast-approaching and once bonfire night is out the way, Christmas is all anyone will be able to talk about.

Here at Wooden Toy Gallery we thought you might like know a little bit more about the beautiful handcrafted toys that we create. Christmas is a busy period for us, so to help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying presents for the smaller members of the family, take a look at why the below gifts have stood up and resisted time and change – they are still popular today.

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In at number one is the trusty and classic rocking horse. It’s one of those toys that makes a house a home, and no-one should be denied one in their infant years.

Second up is the wooden car, a firm favourite with the boys and the adventurous girls, this is a toy that will never go out of fashion – so is one to pass down from generation to generation.

Or go for the classic car jigsaw to take it one step further and really drive up (get it?) imagination!

For the even younger, the natural wooden teething ring is the ideal gift this Christmas. The perfect answer to the critics of teething rings with toxic chemicals and finishes, this one is absolutely natural.
At the halfway point is the wooden train, which will satisfy any child’s fascination for things that move. Clear the floor, because this one will be moving around the living room for years to come
Develop balance and motor skills with the traditional but updated wooden blocks.

The Handcrafted Wooden Turning Rattle is another one for the younger ones this Christmas. It is said that the rattle has the power to help a child develop its natural sense of rhythm…

Wooden handcrafted swings for the daring children out there this year.

Fuel a child’s fascination with aviation with the classic Children's Wooden Aeroplane.

Last but by no means least, the toy that allows every child into out of the front room and into a Western – the hobby horse. Wooden toy making at its best, this is one that will be passed around and enjoyed by the younger members of your family for years to come.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tick the all-important ‘green’ box with wooden toys

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, words and phrases like ‘bio-degradable’, ‘eco-friendly’, and simply ‘green’, have come to be as common in everyday conversation as ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. The mighty alliance of the media and certain governments around the world have flexed their muscles, they have made clear their intent on creating an environmentally-conscious culture, and frankly, it seems to be working.

But for those who believe in the ‘green’ focus but can’t get the time off work to tie themselves to a tree in the New Forest, fear not, because there are changes you can make to your everyday life to take a step closer to being eco-friendly. While there are plenty of good reasons to invest in wooden toys (they prompt imagination, are durable, and are handcrafted, to name a few), one that is often skirted around is the environmental one.

Put very simply, wooden toys are biodegradable, and so they are much better for our environment than their plastic cousins. Plastic is sent to populate landfills, many of which are bursting at the seems already.

Plus, the durability of wooden toys means that they are not prone to breaking or damage, often in fact they are passed down through the generations of a family. And their often generic nature means that they do not come in and out with fashion and film, they simply exist in the same way that they have for hundreds of years, which for many families, is a comfort.

Though further, buying wooden toys that are uniquely handcrafted means buying into a significant tradition. The likes of wooden rocking horses, dolls, rattles and building blocks, are all puzzle pieces of toy history. These are the toys that have survived the test of time, and no amount of battery-powered tat will knock them from their perch. So, consider the green agenda, consider the history of the toy-making industry, and with your help, wooden toys will be entertaining children for the rest of this century, and the next ones after that.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Wooden Construction Toys Have a Bright Future

When British media entrepreneur Peter Orton dreamt up the idea of a cartoon character dressed up in a bright yellow helmet, blue dungarees and a hammer-in-hand, very few would have predicted a global hit worth more than £32.5 million per year for, effectively, a few construction toys.

But the figures never lie, and Bob the Builder, along with his construction toy friends, became a huge success in a very short period of time, primarily because of the merchandise, such as wooden toys, that the character created.
And while the success of Bob the Builder must partly be attributed to a clever catchphrase and some bright costumes, for many the real attraction for their children was quite simply in the wooden constructor toys that came along for the ride.

Unlike plastic toys, wooden constructor toys appeal to children who enjoy meaningful playtime. And, for parents who are keen to develop young creative minds in a fun and safe environment, wooden construction toys tick all the boxes.

Further, these toys hold valuable lessons in organisation, tidiness and have the power to boost logical thinking in young but very capable minds. Well-designed constructor wooden toys can be the perfect size for youngsters, and could help them find one of their first experience of ‘success’, because re-shaping the toys, adding parts and adapting pieces, takes time and effort for a young child.

Again, unlike other toys, constructor toys are not exclusive to young children, by their very design they attract older play partners too, such as parents and grandparents, and so play the role of communicator as well. Just another positive by-product of these hand-crafted toys.

Bob the Builder may have given the constructor toy the profile boost it needed, but the value of the toy has always been evident. With the potential to catapult creativity, communication, feelings of success, organisation skills and tidiness among children, this timeless toy should occupy a spot in the cupboard or drawer of any young child.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I want to share 'Logorama' with you

This is a wonderful comment on society and the insane abundance of corporate institutions.

Are there any you don't recognise?

Please enjoy the video:

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