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Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Wooden Construction Toys Have a Bright Future

When British media entrepreneur Peter Orton dreamt up the idea of a cartoon character dressed up in a bright yellow helmet, blue dungarees and a hammer-in-hand, very few would have predicted a global hit worth more than £32.5 million per year for, effectively, a few construction toys.

But the figures never lie, and Bob the Builder, along with his construction toy friends, became a huge success in a very short period of time, primarily because of the merchandise, such as wooden toys, that the character created.
And while the success of Bob the Builder must partly be attributed to a clever catchphrase and some bright costumes, for many the real attraction for their children was quite simply in the wooden constructor toys that came along for the ride.

Unlike plastic toys, wooden constructor toys appeal to children who enjoy meaningful playtime. And, for parents who are keen to develop young creative minds in a fun and safe environment, wooden construction toys tick all the boxes.

Further, these toys hold valuable lessons in organisation, tidiness and have the power to boost logical thinking in young but very capable minds. Well-designed constructor wooden toys can be the perfect size for youngsters, and could help them find one of their first experience of ‘success’, because re-shaping the toys, adding parts and adapting pieces, takes time and effort for a young child.

Again, unlike other toys, constructor toys are not exclusive to young children, by their very design they attract older play partners too, such as parents and grandparents, and so play the role of communicator as well. Just another positive by-product of these hand-crafted toys.

Bob the Builder may have given the constructor toy the profile boost it needed, but the value of the toy has always been evident. With the potential to catapult creativity, communication, feelings of success, organisation skills and tidiness among children, this timeless toy should occupy a spot in the cupboard or drawer of any young child.

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