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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Consider the environment, opt for wooden toys

Forget, for now, the time and effort that goes into creating wooden toys. Disregard the fact that wooden toys like a toy rocking horse or toy car can last for generations and become part of a family’s family. Nevermind even, the ability of wooden toys when it comes to sparking imagination and creativity among children that are lucky enough to play with them.

Instead consider this: Plastic material can, according to the anti-plastic bag campaigner Future Bags, stay in our environment for as long as 100 years. This is because they don’t breakdown and degrade, in fact they break into smaller toxic pieces which can and do contaminate our soil and water.

In truth, all the things we talk about at the start of this blog are nice add-ons, we know that wooden toys are durable and help with children’s motor skills, which both are key selling points. However, the environmental aspect is something so important, that it just can’t be ignored. says: “When we use plastic, we are indirectly using oil. Some may argue that because it is a by-product of oil refining, it will be there any way, whether or not we convert it into plastic bags or something else.

“The truth is when we think 'oil' it's not only the science and technology involved. It's also the politics and economics. How many wars have been fought — are being fought — over oil? Our insatiable demand for oil — to fuel cars and our plastic habits — has an impact on international relations. Believe it or not.”

This Christmas the Wooden Toy Gallery is showcasing toys ranging from wooden swings to wooden building blocks and musical toys. Whatever plastic gifts are on the market, there is an environmentally-friendly wooden toy alternative – and it’s crucial that you explore this.

Wooden toys are the past, the present, and the future. Unlike plastic toys they are made with material that can be put back into the earth, helping to continue the green cycle that, at the moment, is desperate need of a hefty spin.


  1. Wooden Puzzles
    This Christmas the Wood made Toy Collection is presenting toys and games including wooden shifts to wooden foundations and musical toys and games.

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