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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Go green this summer and avoid those toxic toys!

How many times a day do you find yourself running towards your baby or child who’s about to put something dangerous or gross in their mouth? Whether it’s dog food, the TV remote or a crayons, I’m sure you know the feeling….I bet it feels like all of the time.
Here’s another question for you? How often do you replace that dangerous thing with a toy and how many of those toys are just as dangerous?
No, I’m not talking about choking hazards. I’m talking about Toxic toys. They are everywhere and it’s surprising how little is known about them.
We’ve got the lowdown to help you avoid those toxic toys and tips to help you choose safe toys for your children.
What are the benefits of non-toxic toys?
Non-toxic toys can greatly improve and remove risks from your child’s health, giving you piece of mind whilst your child plays. They can also help to save you money as wooden toys in particular are extremely hard-wearing allowing you to pass them down through generations.
As natural toys are biodegradable you’ll also be making a huge impact on the planet and helping to preserve it for your children and theirs.
When you go shopping it’s important to avoid the following:
·         Toys made from toxic materials – check your labels and packaging and steer clear of ALL toys that do not declare themselves as being free from lead, which can seriously damage a child’s nervous system. It’s also important to avoid vinyl and plywood which can leak fumes and contain harmful chemicals. Also be on the lookout for toys finished with toxic paints.
·         Imported toys – help keep your planet clean and reduce your carbon footprint by buying toys from the UK.
Instead you want to look for:
·         Toys made from high-quality wood – choose toys made from sustainable sources and coated with non-toxic paints such as vegetable or water-based finishes.
·         Toys made from natural fibres – things like dress up costumes made from natural cotton and silk are fantastic choices and always great fun.
·         Recycling – if you want to be super green, you can always find toys that are made from clean, recycled materials.
Have you considered making your own toys?
D.I.Y toys are fun to make and to play with. Break out those old baby outfits and make a dress-up dolly or bear and if you’re not afraid of a bit of elbow grease. Try making your own wooden toy or block, being sure to sand it down thoroughly.
Alternatively, you can find a wide selection of high-quality wooden toys in our online store and if you have any questions about natural toys feel free to get in touch.


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