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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Do Childrens' Wooden Toys Last Forever?

Producing childrens’ wooden toys requires nothing short of creating a masterpiece.
The skill, creativity and effort that goes into crafting such a treasured toy is remarkable, and is probably the reason why they are cherished and loved for years and years.

Very often, childrens' wooden toys become part of the family, as their durability allows them to survive generations and generations of knocks and drops, unlike the latest electronic or battery-powered toy.

From lorries and the traditional spinning tops, to aeroplanes and ships, the options are endless because childrens’ wooden toys aren’t dictated to by fads or fashions. Put simply, they are victims of creative minds, ideas and imagination.

Why would any parent want a cheap, run-of-the-mill toy, when they could own a handcrafted wooden toy? If you’re thinking of investing in a wooden toy, make sure you know what you want, because there’s no harm in putting your chosen craftsman to work. Any wooden toy builder will gladly take on a personalised job, and its final polish to perfection will help it stand out from every other toy your child has seen in the past.

And it’s ‘personalisation’ that is so key when talking about toys for your child. You child is like no other, no-one even comes close to having the same character, personality or likes and dislikes. If your child is unique, why shouldn’t his or her toys be unique?

Sadly, unique toys have never fallen off conveyor belts and production lines, they are created, built, crafted with skill and care. The Ikea-effect is currently rampaging through the toy industry, and while some parents may be happy fuelling the mass-production of cheap but cheerful toys, others are willing to invest in something that is built for one, and built to last.

We believe the creation of beautiful, fun and engaging childrens' wooden toys and all everyone we talk to agrees!

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